Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top 'Open' Education Picks for 2011

Based on number of users, community support, quality of software, and longevity,  the following systems have risen to the top of our 'open source' Education Hits List for 2011. Check them out –

·         Connexions  - Contains educational materials at all levels, organized in small modules that can be connected into larger courses.
·         Dokeos - An open source e-Learning software suite.
·         eFront - An open source e-Learning software suite.
·         EthosCE  - A full-featured, open-source learning management system with built-in content authoring and social media features.
·         Kaltura - An open source video application platform for education.
·         Kuali - A suite of open source administrative software modules for use in higher education.
·         Moodle  - An open source Course Management or Learning Management System. 
·         Online Learning And Training (OLAT) - An open source web-based Learning Management System.
·         OpenCourseWare - A collaborative, open source educational content solution.
·         Open Learning Exchange ToolKit - Software tools that help Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Centers provide basic education services within their countries.
·         OpenSimulator - An open source multi-user 3D application server that can be used to create virtual reality environments, similar to Second Life Education.
·         Sakai  - An open source software for education, research and related scholarly activities.

*For more information on other 'open source' or 'public domain' Education information systems and software solutions, go to COSI 'Open Education.
Several other open source or public domain solutions were also possible top contenders, but didn't make the list. I'm sure that by the time we publish our top picks early next year, several of the systems on this year's list will find themselves knocked from their top spots on the Education HITS List for 2012.

Please take the time to let us know who you think should have been on this year's list and why they ought to be on the 'open source' Education Hits List for 2012. But remember, they've got to be high quality solutions that have been around for a while, and are being used and supported by a growing 'open' community.

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